Alert!!! Major geopolitical disturbance might be imminent

  • Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Updated on 23.11.2015. slide10Published on 27.03.2013.

Some sort of major geopolitical disturbance might be imminent. It could be political instability, terrorist attack, war, financial crisis, social unrest, natural calamities, solar superstorm,  epidemic etc. The time has apparently started  and the situation might get worse especially from 15 April 2013. The worst time would most likely reach its peak between the last week of April to early May 2013.

Updated on 23.05.2013. The difficult period might continue till 28 May 2013.

Updated on 01.06.2013. The difficult period might extend till 8 July 2013 and up to an extended period till

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