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  • Wednesday, December 19th, 2012


Astrology is a subject that predicts the probability of an event happening based on the ascendant and positions of planets at the time of birth.

It is the luck factor and possibly the ‘X’ factor some people possess that differentiates them from others. What one achieves in life depends basically on two factors, luck and efficient work (not working hard blindly). To be successful, one needs both.

One could use Astrology to guide him/her to rectify his/her deficiencies and also to work on his/her strengths. This is probably the main usefulness of Astrology rather than the luck factor as the ascendant and planetary positions at the time of birth indicate the characteristics (natural inclination, weaknesses, strengths etc) of a person better. It could be used to guide people to follow the choices suitable for them to achieve greater success and to avoid activities that they are less likely to succeed from. Astrology could guide people regarding suitable times to pursue particular activities in different spheres of life to increase the efficiency and achieve greater success. While several modalities are available to rectify the weaknesses in the natal chart, use of gems has been particularly popular as it is perceived to be highly effective.

In Indian Astrology, there are 12 rashis (signs) and 9 planets, and one’s rashi (sign) depends on which rashi the Moon was in at the time of birth (Moon sign). In Western Astrology, one’s rashi is determined by which rashi the Sun was in at the time of birth (Sun sign). As the Moon stays in one rashi for more than 2 days and the Sun about a month, predictions based on one’s rashi (as published in the newspapers and magazines) are highly non-specific and of negligible value. In addition, these predictions are not based on the positions of planets at the time of birth. The predictions made from the natal chart, however, are based on the positions of planets at the time of birth in relation to the Lagna (ascendant, changes almost every 2 hours) that are more specific and useful. A computerised horoscope is more accurate in its calculations and is better for interpretation.

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