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  • Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

The most interesting mechanism is as follows:

The Science Behind Astrology

And Human Design

Sub-atomic physics provides the science that explains how Human Design and astrology work.  The mechanism that underlies both astrology and Human Design explains how the sun, moon and planets influence our lives.  If you have ever asked, “How does astrology work?” Human Design can explain it.

Neutrinos and Superstrings

The physical agent that implements the characteristics described by the Human Design System is a sub-atomic particle called the neutrino.  The neutrino was predicted in 1930 on purely theoretical grounds.  Although its existence was proven in 1953, scientists thought that it had no mass.  In 1987, when the Human Design System came into being, it stated that neutrinos imparted changes to our DNA, but it wasn’t until ten years later that scientists confirmed that the neutrino does actually have a very small mass.  The discovery that the neutrino has mass is important, because it lends credence to Human Design’s assertion that neutrinos interact with our DNA.

According to superstring theory, neutrinos (and all other sub-atomic particles) are themselves composed of vibrating strings.  These strings are unimaginably small, and their differing vibrations create all of the particles and energy that make up the universe.  Needless to say, sub-atomic physics is a very difficult subject, but all we need to understand for this discussion is that neutrinos have a small mass.  In other words, even though they are incredibly small, they aren’t weightless and they do interact with other objects in our three-dimensional world.

The universe is filled with billions and billions of neutrinos traveling through space at nearly the speed of light.  They are so small that they pass through planets and people with ease.  There is no “neutrino shield.”  They pass through everything.  One source of neutrinos is stars.  The intense nuclear fusion reactions that power the stars create all kinds of sub-atomic particles, including neutrinos.  These neutrinos race out in all directions bound for the edge of the universe.

We are constantly bombarded by these neutrinos.  To get an idea of how many neutrinos pass through us each second, imagine that a neutrino is a molecule of water.  Now imagine that you are standing at the bottom of Niagara Falls.  The shower of neutrinos is immense.  Unlike standing under a waterfall, the shower of neutrinos comes from all directions so that we are soaked in their flow.

According to Human Design, these neutrinos have properties or characteristics.  These properties may be caused by the vibrating superstrings that compose neutrinos, and the properties may be shaped by the stars that create them.  When neutrinos pass through an object, their properties are modified, and the objects through which they pass are also changed.  Large objects, like planets, have a significant effect on the properties of the neutrinos that pass through them.

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