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  • Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Astrology Queries (27.07.2015.)

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AstroQs 1. Which of the following cannot occur during full Moon (poornima)? (27.07.2015.)

a) Sun-Saturn opposition

b) Moon-Saturn conjunction

c) Moon-Mercury opposition

d) Moon-Saturn opposition

e) Moon-Mercury conjunction


e) Moon-Mercury conjunction


AstroQs 2. What is the significance of the Fate line, Sun line, Mercury line or any line ascending/going towards the mount of Jupiter or Venus extending beyond the palm in to the respective fingers for various lengths such as the middle finger, ring finger, little finger, index finger or thumb respectively? (02/11/2015)



Conventionally, lines ascending/going towards the mounts at the bases of the fingers are considered to represent new activities/achievements in relation to the nature of the mounts these go to. The timing of or age of the person when these new activities/achievements happen are indicated by the location of the lines in relation to the palm, and the age advances as the lines advance towards the base of the fingers from below upwards. For example, the area below the head line generally represents below 35 years, the area between the head line and heart line represents between 35-45 years, and the area between the heart line and base of the fingers represents above 45 years till death. Then logically, lines extending beyond the palm in to the fingers for various lengths might represent the impact of the activities/achievements lasting after the demise of the person for various duration depending on the lengths of the line extended in to the finger(s). The nature would depend on the nature of the line e.g. Sun line, Fate line etc. Research in to this area would be useful to improve the understanding and knowledge of palmistry further.

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