Best Astrological Tips: Astrology – themedideas Facts & Figures

  • Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Astrology and the genetic code

The proposed mechanism behind Astrology and Neutrinos

The Astrological principle suggests that we are influenced by the planets and stars.

Some have proposed conventional causal agents such as electromagnetism and gravity in relation to how the planets and starts might influence us.

The discovery of neutrinos that are emitted from the planets and stars, and can pass through any objects might provide a better explanation how the planets and stars might influence us. The neutrinos impart changes to our DNA.

The astrological principle of making predictions on the basis of the natal chart (based on the positions of planets at the time of birth in relation to the ascendant) is similar to the genetic code a person is born with. The genes influence the person’s characteristics. These could be modified or expressed differently under different environmental circumstances. Therefore, while the genetic code is absolute, its expression in the form of visible activities/events in life depends on the environmental influences. Even the best Formula 1 driver needs excellent car, track and team to perform well! The genetic code is like the Formula 1 driver whose performance would depend on the car, track and team (environment). Astrology is similar. What abilities/characteristics one is born with would be influenced by the environment. The natal chart, like the genetic code, indicates only the abilities/characteristics one is born with. It provides a framework of inclinations or tendencies. What actually happens in life would depend on environmental influences.

Best Astrological Tips: Astrology – themedideas Facts & Figures

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