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  • Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

“If you are alone on stage you grab all the attention is it not? Just at that moment a world famous celebrity, a No.1 person comes and stands next to you. What happens to you?  Suddenly you seem to be non-existing. This is the state of a planet that is close to the mighty Sun…

In most cases Mercury (Buddhi – intellect)  the planet for logic and intellect is combust. The reason for this is that Sun and Mercury never get away more than 28 degrees from each other. So all the horoscopes you will see the Sun along with Mercury, or Mercury is at least in the next sign. So at least 25% of the people in the world will have a combust Mercury.

This actually means that the power of their intellect is overpowered by a false ego.

If Venus is combust then it means that a lot of time, money and resources are being wasted on sexual matters or matters pertaining to relationships, love and romance and entertainment like cinema an games, sports.  The ego is working in this area. That is the meaning of Venus combust.

If Saturn is combust then it means that due to EGO, the person is not really working hard, takes a lot of rest and likes to procrastinate, thinking that they are capable of finishing off just in time even if they start late.

If Mars is combust super ego makes them more physical. They feel that they can beat anyone in this world either in a real duel or a war of words.

If Jupiter is combust then it means that EGO makes the person think that he/she knows everything and there is no need for a guide, Guru or teacher.  Some people whose Jupiter is combust become an  atheist.”—Their-effects-and-remedies

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