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  • Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

“Amongst the various sources of planetary weakness, the greatest is the state of combustion. The combust planets lack necessary power to protect and/or promote the significations and the houses ruled by them. Although there is very condensed mention of this subject in astrological texts and commentaries, the same carries a very deep meaning and has to be viewed in the form of a very useful hint.

Whenever in a nativity a planet is combust, the native suffers with regard to the general significations and the significations of the house ruled by such a combust planet in such a manner that the suffering becomes memorable. It is like a tragedy or a serious setback, during the operational sub-period of such a combust planet. In case the functional malefic planets are conjunct with or aspect the most effective point of the houses, whose lords are combust, the significations of the said house(s) are almost totally destroyed. In case the main period of such a planet does not operate then the results of the significations supposed to be provided by the combust planet are not enjoyed by the native. In case the main period operates and whenever the malefic planets transit the most effective point of the moolatrikona sign ruled by the combust planet, tragic happenings occur pertaining to the significations ruled by the planet. Sometimes the combust planets, when they are functional benefics, do bless temporarily the significations ruled by them to cause sufferings on a later date by snatching it away.

The only saving factor is the close aspect/conjunction of the strong functional benefic planet. When in addition to some other planets, Jupiter of the most benefic planet, being a functional benefic is also combust then there is very little saving grace.

If the dispositor of the combust planet is powerfully placed, beneficially aspected and is a functional benefic planet, the impact of weakness of the combust planet(s) may be a little less. If the dispositor of the combust planet is weak and badly placed and no strengthening measure has been used, the person suffers setbacks and serious problems. When the Sun causes combustion to a planet in its own mooltrikona sign, both the Sun and the combust planet become weak due to weakness of dispositor.

The results of the combust planet(s) are magnified due to the influence of the Sun but the combust planets are vulnerable to damages due to natal and transit afflictions both in the sub-periods of the combust planets and when the combust planets are transited by the functional malefic planets. To reduce this vulnerability it is imperative to strengthen these combust planets by wearing a special power Kavach and a gem stone for the concerned planet in an auspiciously elected time.

The Sun would carry additional malefic effects for his being lord of dusthana especially if the longitudinal difference between the Sun and the combust planet is less than five degrees.

The power of the combust planet is very weak when it is in complete conjunction with the Sun and it is under the transit affliction. However, a combust planet in its own/exaltation sign or a sign from which it aspects its own sign does retain some power to do good.

If a planet is combust and becomes lord of the ascendant of a divisional chart, whenever the functional malefic planets transit such planets in D-I the indications of the divisional chart either end or are badly damaged.

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