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  • Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

According to the experience of the author, whenever the prime significator(s) is (are) combust and the lord of the navamsa ascendant is also combust, the marriage of the native whether a boy or a girl, whether rich or poor, beautiful or otherwise, is invariably delayed. Thus, denying the marital bliss in the peak years of life, delaying the fruits of the marital life that is delayed progeny and in case the period of such a planet operates, it results in the marital discord.

Now the question is how we can minimize the effects of combust planets on the human lives. It has two main zones; (1) the physical ailments and (2) other significations of the planets. For significations we can take preventive measures. For example, for a person in whose natal chart Mercury is combust he can and should avoid speculation, gambling etc. The planets that are combust but not functional malefics can be made strong by use of a Kavach or a Special Power Kavach. The planets that are combust and at the same time are functional malefics also have to be propitiated by charities. The last of all is psychological understanding to cope with the weak areas instead of straining to remove the weakness and then suffer mental disturbance.

The author has closely observed natal charts with combust planets and has found that in case the period of such a combust planet operates, it gives unfavorable results through inordinate delays, denials and sufferings caused by the transit planetary influences. In case the main period of such a combust planet does not operate, its sub-period in the main periods of the functional malefic planets results in delay in the general growth of the individual and serious health problems. Of course, it goes without saying that whenever the sub-period of combust planets is clubbed by unfavorable transits or in the main periods of functional malefic planets, the combust planets really gives very bad results. It does not promote or protect its own general and particular significations. On the other hand, it causes strenuous sufferings to the native. The learned readers would find the efficacy of this point of view in the analysis of horoscopes. It acts as a very powerful predictive tool because one finds horoscopes with combust planet(s) in majority of cases.

In the sub-periods of functional benefic planets, which are in the state of combustion, the significations ruled not only lack protection but the same are also inordinately delayed, denied or damaged. To augment the strength of the combust planets the natives are recommended to wear planetary Kavach in auspiciously elected times to (i) protect the significations ruled by these planets during transit afflictions; and (ii) to promote the significations of these planets.”

“…when the planets come close to Moon, it is called Samagama.  In Prashna chart, association of Moon with the significator implies quick and pleasing results. Nodes do not have combustion as they are not radiating planets but merely mathematical points. Generally speaking, combustion is a phenomena most talked about in muhurtas (election astrology) than natal horoscopy – as if the combust planets hit at the person for selecting a combust muhurta and spare the man born in combust circumstances!     Uttara Kalamrita says, ” (Natural) Benefic planets if combust,  lose their potency, while (natural) malefics become more mischievous”.”

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