Best Astrological Tips: Astrology – themedideas Facts & Figures

  • Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Why do the planets become combust?

“Each of these nakshatras contains a cosmic energy that is transmitted through it’s light rays. The interrelation of each and the stacking of various patterns of light is what it takes to arrive at a pin pointed section of earth where you were born. Vectoring in they are the ingredients that come together to form your chart; your karmic code.”


Some have proposed conventional causal agents such as electromagnetism and gravity in relation to how the planets and starts might influence us.

Best Astrological Tips: Astrology – themedideas Facts & Figures

Now, with sensitive instruments and rockets that can travel high above the Earth, as well as orbiting satellites than can make nearly continuous observations, it has been discovered that Earth has a highly variable magnetic field and is radiated continuously and variably by the Sun with streams of electrons and protons and other particles, called ‘the solar wind’.

Observations have shown that both the Sun’s activity and the variations in Earth’s magnetic field are altered by the positions of the planets. This provides a physical mechanism which links the planets to events on Earth.

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