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  • Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

Palmistry is the subject of reading palms. It is being practised in various countries for thousands of years. Its advantages include not requiring the birth details and it can readily be practised when the hands are available. While it is better at detecting past events, it possibly could indicate future events up to 10-15 years as all the signs for distant future events might not be apparent in the palms. Here, interesting features in the palms that are relevant to various aspects of life would be included. People could use these to maximise the benefits they might get by being guided by the indications.

1. The line to achieve prominence in life (29/12/2016)


A Line to the Mount of Jupiter – Ambition, egotism, success; higher progress in one’s position, prominence. The line might start from the head line or the life line as well. The line should not be broken or chained.

Strengthened if it ends with a star on the Mount of Jupiter; weakened or annulled if crossed by a bar, or some other minor line or, worse still, a cross.

2. The line of great success in business or science (01/01/2017)


A clear, direct Line from the Mount of Venus to the Mount of Mercury – Great success in business or science (according to the aptitudes manifested in the hand), due to the assistance of the subject’s family or close friends.


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