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Numerology: Basics – themedideas Facts & Figures



Numerology is a subject that associates certain characteristics to the numbers 1-9. The basic idea behind Numerology is that people are influenced to some extent by their birth date and name. It suggests that the number obtained from the date of birth, name etc of a person would reveal the characteristics of that person. It also suggests that using mutually compatible numbers in relation to people’s own number (like “the Day of Birth Number”, “Birthpath Number” or “Destiny Number”) for doing various things in life would be beneficial for people. It also advocates avoiding other numbers that are not mutually compatible as that would lead to conflicts and dissatisfaction.

Like Astrology, it is more of a belief system. Similar to Astrology, it is being practised for many centuries. Compared with Astrology, Numerology is simpler. Initially, when you start it might appear a bit confusing. A Numerological chart provides the results of several calculations and does not only focus on one particular number. These numbers are examined and interpreted in relation to each other to find out the possible outcome of their interactions.

The following chart makes your job of calculating the number, by adding the corresponding numbers for each alphabet in a name, easy. During calculation, keep on adding the numbers till you get a number between 1 to 9. If you get an initial number of 51, add 5 with 1 that gives you 6. Similarly, 81 would be 9, 93 would be 3 (9 + 3 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3).


Alphabets & Numbers


Important numbers you need to know


 The Day of Birth Number

* It is the day of the month on which you were born. For 18 January 1976 it would be 9 (1 + 8 = 9).  

* It indicates your general stance in the world based on your point of view.


The Birthpath Number

* The Birthpath Number is calculated by adding the numbers of your day, month and year of birth. For 18.01.1976. it would be 6 (1 + 8 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 6 = 33 = 3 + 3 = 6).

* The Birthpath Number indicates your characteristics, natural inclinations and abilities, what you are best at etc.


The Destiny Number

* The Destiny Number is calculated by adding the corresponding numbers of your first, middle and last names at birth.

* The Destiny Number indicates your purpose, goal and direction in life, as the word “Destiny” suggests.


The Realisation Number

* The Realisation Number is calculated by adding the Birthpath and the Destiny numbers.

* The Realisation Number indicates what you might accomplish in life depending on your Birthpath and Destiny.


The Inner Self Number

* The Inner Self (Heart’s Desire) Number is calculated by adding the vowels in your name.

* The Inner Self Number indicates what your heart desires to do.


The Outer Self Number

* The Outer Self (Personality) Number is calculated by adding the consonants in your name.

* While your Heart’s Desire (the vowels in your name) indicates the inner you (what you most cherish), your Outer Self (Personality) Number is the outer you. It is always best when the inner and outer parts of you are in harmony, otherwise there would be conflicts between them.


Characteristics of the Numbers 1 to 9

Number 1

Talents/Strengths: Natural leader, self-confident, self-sufficient, ambitious, extraordinary will and determination, wants to be the Boss.

General Leanings:  Stand out from the crowd, never short of new ideas, extrovert, likes limelight.

Areas of  Concern: Too bossy and impulsive, egotistic, boastfulness .

Expression in the practical life: Leader, pioneer, executive, celebrity.

Number 2

Talents/Strengths: Loving, adaptability, considerate of others, sensitive to the needs of others, peace-maker, analytical, ideal partner.

General Leanings: Hanging back, not speaking up, shyness, timidity, stuck on details, lonely.

Areas of  Concern: Finding the right relationship, drown in detail, needs harmony and order.

Expression in the practical life: Diplomatic corps, counselor, partner in small business.




To be continued


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