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 Astrological Services

Various astrological services are provided for the benefit of people. The guidance provided might be used to enhance the outcome and/or to avoid/reduce problems encountered. If it is used judiciously with a practical approach and reasonable expectations, people might be able to maximise the benefits. 

Services are also provided online (such as via e-mail). 

1. Computerised horoscope

2. Computerised horoscope with Predictions

3. Predictions regarding specific aspects of life

i> Wealth

ii> Eminence

4. Marking good periods in your life

5. Marking bad periods in your life

6. Do you have Dhana Yoga (combination for Wealth)?

7. Do you have Raja Yoga (combination for Success)?

8. Specific Yearly Prediction for you.

9. Selecting good period to start new venture.

10. Selecting good time of the day to do important job.

To enquire about the services or regarding any other queries please contact:



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