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  • Thursday, April 25th, 2013

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Inv 5 Career 2

Quotabit 27. Measure of Success (07.09.2014.)

“The level of Success is generally expressed as

The distance between the base of the pyramid of society and

One’s position towards the top of the pyramid.

The greater the distance and

The greater the number of people below towards the base,

The greater the success.

As one climbs further towards the top,

The area and number of people around get lesser and lesser”

Thousands of Doctors appear in interviews every year in search for suitable jobs be it the Foundation Year (FY), Intern, House Officer, Houseman, House Staff, Senior House Officer (SHO), Specialist Trainee (ST), Resident, Registrar, Research Fellow, Clinical Fellow, Specialty Doctor, Staff Grade, Lecturer, Senior Resident, Senior Registrar,  Associate Specialist, Specialist, Consultant, Visiting, Senior Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Reader, Professor etc. In some countries, interview is an essential element even to get a place in the undergraduate course. Therefore, it would be prudent to be aware of the Medical Interview Questions & Topics and be prepared well.

Interview is a game and you need to know the rules, styles and techniques of the game very well if you want to be a successful player.

For any interview, at any level, the commonest question would be why do you want the job? This is also true regarding anything you want to do in life. You should be able to justify why you would like to do that. In interviews to get a place in the undergraduate course the candidate need to justify why he/she would like to do that course.

While some of the topics are exclusive for the interview, others are also important for examination and evidence based clinical practice.


Important features in a prospective candidate to get a medical job in the UK

Several features in a prospective candidate are looked into, some are essential and some desirable. While the essential features are must, the desirable ones improve the candidate’s scoring and improves the possibility to be shortlisted. The examples provided here includes various features related to jobs ranging from the Foundation Year (FY) to the Consultant.


1. Qualifications

i> Basic Medical Qualification – MBBS or equivalent)

ii> Registerable medical qualification

iii> Higher Qualifications – MRCP 1/MRCP 2, MRCOG 1/MRCOG 2, MRCS/FRCS etc

2. Registration 

i> Full Registration with GMC

ii> Name on Specialist Register on date of taking up appointment

to be continued


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