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  • Friday, July 12th, 2013

Updated on 03.07.2017.

This section includes various interesting topics in Science. There are so many amazing facts and events in Science that are no less than fiction. The effort would be to highlight interesting areas. The style of presentation might not always be serious like scientific papers as the the aim is to make it interesting and enjoyable along with provoking lateral thinking.

This is “Rocket Science”! (28.01.2014.)

So many Astrophysicists became Professors or renowned worldwide by publishing their astonishing theories regarding “Blackholes”. There has been never ending arguments regarding the different characteristics of “Blackholes”. Now Stephen Hawking has sent the concept of “Blackholes” to “Blackholes”. Now it has become “Greyholes”. “Rocket Science” is not that “Black and White” as people might think, the vast majority of the concepts are in the “grey” area.

“Black holes do not exist, says Stephen Hawking” The Cambridge University astrophysicist published a paper entitled ‘Information preservation and weather forecasting for black holes’ where he argued the event horizons – an invisible boundary believed to surround black holes – do not exist. In the paper he write: “The absence of event horizons means that there are no black holes – in the sense of regimes from which light can’t escape to infinity.” Instead Prof Hawking has suggested the existence of ‘grey holes’, which have borders known as ‘apparent horizons’ that can only contain matter and light temporarily. He told science journal Nature: “There is no escape from a black hole in classical theory, (but quantum theory, however,) “enables energy and information to escape from a black hole.”



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