Best Examination Tips – BCom Examination: The Secrets of Preparation, Suggestions and achieving Success

  • Friday, February 8th, 2013

Updated on 30.10.2016.

The potential impact of the reversal of ‘one child policy’ in China

On the 29th October 2015, after 36 years since the implementation of ‘one child policy’, China has declared that the policy would be reversed for its citizens. Couples would be allowed to have up to two children. It would affect about 90 million Chinese families, but how many of them would contemplate to have a second child is uncertain. Ethnic minorities, rural families, and couples that were both only child themselves were already exempt from the one child policy existing rule. When the policy was relaxed in 2013 so that couples in whom one parent was an only child could have a second baby, only about 14% of the eligible 11 million couples showed their interests. The response was poorer in wealthy urban areas.1, 2 People in China have been used to a culture of one child for so many years that, psychologically, it would not be easy for them to change their mind-set to have more than one child. The present generations of couples in the reproductive age group have grown up with the concept of one child per family as ‘normal’ or ‘usual’. In addition, some couples consider having more than one child as too expensive to afford. Only time will tell how many of the eligible couples would contemplate to have a second child. While the actual increase in the number of deliveries of a second baby is uncertain, it is likely to be greater than what it is at present. It is more than likely to have substantial quantitative and qualitative impact on the health and social services, demography, social structures and relations, businesses, economy etc.

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Scabit60.  “Common traits of highly intelligent people” 

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InterQ Update (14.09.15.)
InterQ – 50 Interesting and Toughest Interview Questions
The majority of the questions are “Google proof” (the answer cannot be found by Google search)
With the increasing competitions in the job market the employers are using interesting and difficult questions in the interviews to select the best candidate for the best job with the best pay and best professional future. For the candidates it is now imperative that they prepare their best and develop their skills to answer the ‘odd’ questions instantly. There is often no ‘correct’ answers to these ‘odd’ questions and the interviewers are only checking how the candidates respond instantly when put under pressure by exposing them to unknown and sometimes apparently absurd situations. The best candidates are selected as they are perceived to perform better when they face new and unusual problems at work, and improve the performance of the organisation.
The questions included here could be used for the prospective interviewees and the interviewers. Their broader uses include competitive exams, quiz etc.
InterQ7. What is the greatest joke in economy?
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Scabit40. Can the capacity of the hard disc in the brain be increased?


Quotabit 35. Financial empire (14.09.2014.)

“The future financial empire could only be built

On the edifice of present investment

Made on the basis of past experience”

GKabit 16. A candidate went to attend an interview for an executive post in a multinational company. The interview panel told him that they wanted somebody who would be able to solve complex problems quickly. Then he was given a piece of paper with a mathematical puzzle and was asked to solve it within 3 minutes. He solved the puzzle within 3 minutes and was offered the job.

Could you solve the puzzle? It should not take more than 3 minutes for somebody good in mathematics.

The Puzzle

Q. How would you prove that the left side is equal to 3?

3 + 3 – 3 ÷ 3 × × 3 ÷ 3 – 3 + 3 + 3 = 3

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Quotabit 18. ‘Carrot & Stick’ 

“All carrots are rotten and all sticks are broken” 


Are you preparing for the BCom Examination? Have you prepared well? If you want to do better these guidance and tips would help you.

The BCom Examination would be the biggest and most important examination you face at this stage of your life. The result would decide how your future career and life would be. Whether you do well or badly in this examination would change your life permanently for the better or worse. It is better to act responsibly now and grab every opportunity to do well in the examination, rather than repenting the rest of your life for not doing so, as millions of people have been doing. If you pass with a poor mark you would not be able to change that ever as you would not get another chance to improve your marks.  You need to do well to get admission in good institutions for further studies in your chosen subjects or to be shortlisted for interviews. If you fail to do so that would affect the rest of your life permanently.


This article provides the candidates preparing for the BCom Examination, with the techniques of preparation, making comprehensive and efficient lists of suggestive important topics on all subjects, that are most relevant to their examination, to improve their performance and achieve Success in the examination.

Exam pic 2

These techniques provide the candidates with a comprehensive list of topics covering the whole syllabus that would help them using their reading or preparation time more efficiently and thereby, maximise their chances of achieving higher marks in the examination. This is in contrast to a short or small list of suggestions of “hot topics” that is speculative and would more likely lead the candidates to disaster in the examination as most speculative actions do. Remember, “hot topics” are like “hot air” above the oven that disappears very quickly, and in case you are unlucky you might burn your hand if you try to grasp it.

In addition to the techniques of preparing a comprehensive and efficient list of suggestions, the techniques of “How to prepare for the BCom examination” have also been included here for the benefit of the candidates. These techniques have been used successfully over the years to increase the efficiency of the preparation for the examination and achieve higher marks. The candidates would definitely improve their performance in the examination if they could implement these techniques appropriately. By following these techniques they would have an edge over the other candidates taking the examination.


These guidance and tips on “BCom Examination: The Secrets of Preparation, Suggestions and achieving Success” include:

* The secrets of success in the BCom Examination. 

* How to score higher marks in the BCom Examination?

* How to prepare really useful suggestions for the BCom Examination? 

* What are the advantages of the techniques discussed here for the BCom Examination?

* How to use the suggestions for the BCom Examination? 

* How to use the time available before the BCom Examination?

* How to prepare well for the BCom examination?

* Why other candidates’ marks in the BCom examination are important to you?


Examination Tips – BCom Examination:

The Secrets of Preparation, Suggestions and achieving Success


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