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  • Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Updated on 17.06.2017.

This section includes quiz on interesting medical topics to broaden and improve the awareness and knowledge. The questions would be from any of the medical specialties. These would be useful for both the undergraduates and the postgraduates. Read the question carefully and think thrice before you answer.

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Best Examination Questions: MedQuiz

MedQuiz 1. All arteries carry oxygeneted blood. True or False? Please explain your answer.



The pulmonary arteries and the fetal arteries do not carry oxygeneted blood.

MedQuiz 2. The pulmonary artery always carries de-oxygeneted blood. True or False?


False The fetal pulmonary artery carries oxygeneted blood.

MedQuiz 3. The ductus venosus carries de-oxygeneted blood. True or False?


False The ductus venosus carries highly oxygeneted blood.

MedQuiz 4. The bronchial arteries supply nutrition to the lungs themselves. True or False? (17.08.2013.)



Select the Single Best Answer (SBA) (18.09.2013.)

MedQuiz 5. If you live a day, your longevity

a) Increases

b) Decreases

c) Remains the same


a) Increases (by 6 hours)

“For about 170 years, life expectancy has been rising at the more or less consistent rate of 2.5 years per decade. That works out to three extra months for every year lived, and six hours for every day.”

The Global Quest to Save Retirement

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