Best Examination Tips: The secrets of Preparation, Suggestions and Success in an examination

  • Monday, January 21st, 2013

Updated on 30.10.2016.

Quotabit 21. ‘Changing yourself’ vs ‘Changing the world’ (04.09.2014.)

“Who changes him- or herself to fit in to the system

Is not a person fit to change the world” 


Every year billions of candidates all over the world appear in various examinations. Some do that to progress through their academic career and achieve qualifications, ranging from primary to postgraduate. The others appear in competitive examinations to get a chance to be admitted in professional or educational courses, to get a job etc. In competitive examinations, the candidates are ranked according to their performances (marks obtained) and only the top few get a chance to fulfill their wisdom (professional or educational courses, jobs etc). While the ‘non-competitive’ examinations to progress through academic career and achieve qualifications have a qualifying or pass mark, in a real sense, these are not ‘non-competitive’ as the marks or grades obtained would have a significant impact on the subsequent career opportunities. Therefore, it is imperative that an organised, structured and efficient approach to prepare for the examinations is developed from the early stage of life. For example, entry into some of the professional or educational courses are based on the marks or grades obtained in previous examinations (such as the MBBS / MBChB courses in the UK). For the others a minimum marks or grades obtained in previous examinations are required to be eligible to get entry into those courses besides being successful in the respective competitive examinations (such as the MBBS / BDS / BE courses in India).


If you get a Gold medal at any stage in your career

you would be a “Gold Medalist” throughout your life!


Exam pic 2


Are you planning to appear in an examination? Have you prepared well enough? If you want to do better these guidance on the techniques of and tips for the preparation for an examination would help you.

This article provides the candidates appearing in any examination, on any subject, anywhere in the world, with the techniques of preparation, making comprehensive and efficient lists of suggestive important topics that are most relevant to their examination, improving their performance to achieve success in that examination.

These techniques provide the candidates with comprehensive lists of topics covering the whole syllabus that would help them using their reading or preparation time more efficiently and thereby, maximise their chances of achieving higher marks in the examination. This is in contrast to a short or small list of suggestions of “hot topics” that is speculative and would more likely lead the candidates to disaster in the examination as most speculative actions do. Remember, “hot topics” are like “hot air” above the oven that disappears very quickly, and in case you are unlucky you might burn your hand if you try to grasp it.

In addition to the techniques of preparing comprehensive and efficient lists of suggestions, the techniques of “How to prepare for an examination” and “Tips on the Answering Strategies in the Examination” have also been included here for the benefit of the candidates. These techniques have been used successfully over the years to increase the efficiency of the preparation for the examination and achieve higher marks. The candidates would definitely improve their performance in the examination if they could implement these techniques appropriately. By following these techniques they would have an edge over the other candidates taking the examination.

These methods are applicable to any examination, on any subject, anywhere in the world, whether the format is Long Essays, Short Essays or Short Answer Questions (SAQs), Extended Matching Questions (EMQs), Single Best Answers (SBAs), Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Oral or Viva or any other styles. It is also applicable to the Clinical Examination or Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) for the Medical profession.


These guidance and tips on “The Secrets of Preparation, Suggestions and Success in an examination” include:

1. What is tested in an examination and how you could increase your efficiency (marks obtained per hour of preparation)?

2. The secrets of success in an examination.

3. How to score higher marks in an examination?

4. How to prepare really useful suggestions for an examination?

5 What are the advantages of the techniques discussed here for an examination?

6. How to use the suggestions for an examination?

7. How to use the time available before an examination more efficiently?

8. How to prepare well for an examination?

9. Tips on the Answering Strategies for an examination.

10. Why other candidates’ marks in an examination are important to you?


Best Examination Tips: The Secrets of

Preparation, Suggestions and Success in an examination

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