Best Examination Questions: Part 2 MRCOG – The EMQ Bank No 1

  • Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Updated on 30.10.2016.

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How to use the EMQ Bank

This is a comprehensive collection of EMQs for Part 2 MRCOG Examination. An attempt has been made to include most of the possible responses for each topic to make the EMQ Bank as comprehensive as possible.

The candidates are advised to solve the EMQs first before checking the answers, which have been included after each set of questions. The answers have been provided along with the EMQs for easy reference and to make it easy to remember. This is a novel technique devised by Dr Sudipta Paul that has been found to be very useful for hundreds of candidates rather than providing only the answers without the EMQs on the same page.

If you want to test your performance, write down 1-45 on a piece of paper and note the answer from A-O against them when you read the EMQs. Then mark the correct answers with a tick (√) when you check the answers for that section. After you complete the whole paper count the number of correct answers and check your total marks out of 45 in percentage.

The candidates are also advised to try solving the EMQs repeatedly until 100% could be answered correctly.

Number of EMQs = 45

Example of EMQs

Options for Questions 16-30

A. Imperforate hymen

B. Uterine perforation

C. Endometriosis

D. Uterine fibroids

E. Urinary tract infection

F. Ectopic pregnancy

G. Complete androgen insensitivity syndrome

H. Premature menopause

I. Asherman’s syndrome

J. High transverse vaginal septum

K. Retained products

L. Menopause

M. Turner’s syndrome

N. Pre-menstrual syndrome

O. Failure of Mullerian duct development

Instructions: For each woman described below choose the single most likely diagnosis from the above list of options. Each option may be used once, more than once, or not at all.


16. A 27-year-old, P0+0, lady requests for hysterectomy because of irritability, depression, mood swings, insomnia, mastalgia, abdominal cramps and abdominal bloating associated with her menstrual periods for last 10 years.


Answer: N – Pre-menstrual syndrome

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