Best Examination Tips: How to pass the Part 2 MRCOG Examination – Volume 3

  • Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Updated on 23.11.2015.

How to pass the Part 2 MRCOG Examination – Volume 3

This article is the Volume 3 (the last volume) of “How to pass the Part 2 MRCOG Examination” series that consists of three volumes. It discusses comprehensively the “Level 3 analysis: How do you Plan, Prepare & Perform well in the examination?”

This volume provides a comprehensive coverage of the preparation, answering techniques and tips for different formats e.g. EMQs, MCQs, SAQs and OSCEs to improve the candidates’ performance in the examination. The candidates must understand these thoroughly to learn the rule of the game. In fact it is more important than just reading as you would benefit greatly from these information and tips. It also includes in depth analysis of the answering techniques for different components of the examination e.g. EMQs, MCQs, SAQs and OSCEs, and strategies to maximise the marks obtained in the examination.These techniques have been used successfully over the years to increase the efficiency of the preparation for the examination and achieve higher marks. The candidates would definitely improve their performance in the examination if they could implement these techniques appropriately. By following these techniques they would have an edge over the other candidates taking the examination.

The format of the Part 2 MRCOG examination has changed significantly since March 2011.  Since then the emphasis has shifted substantially from the SAQs to the EMQs primarily and the MCQs to a lesser extent. This means that the candidates need to modify their approach towards the examination. Several candidates, especially who have appeared in the examination before, but have been unsuccessful, are frightened and confused about how to prepare efficiently given the enormity of changes in the format.

This effort is meant to guide and help the prospective candidates prepare well so that they would be in a better shape when they appear in the examination. Over the years, hundreds of candidates have benefited by following these methods.

The candidates would also find it helpful to use the examination and trainee materials provided in the MCQs, EMQs, SAQs, OSCEs, Examination, Career, Trainee and Health sections of in the form of Banks, Tests, Articles etc. 

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