Best Examination Tips: How to pass the Part 2&3 MRCOG Examination – Ten Commandments

  • Saturday, January 26th, 2013

Updated on 30.10.2016.


How to pass the Part 2&3 MRCOG Examination –

Ten Commandments

It includes the top ten tips for the candidates that would help improve their performance  in the Part 2&3 MRCOG examination.

These tips have been used successfully over the years to improve the performance in the examination and achieve higher marks. The candidates would definitely improve their performance in the examination if they could use these tips appropriately. By following these tips they would have an edge over the other candidates taking the examination.

The candidates would also find it helpful to use the examination and trainee materials provided in the MCQs, EMQs, OSCEs, Examination, Career, Trainee and Health sections of in the form of Banks, Tests, Articles etc. 

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