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  • Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

Updated on 05.01.2017.

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Building a successful career in any field not only involves passing exams, it also requires the person to develop skills in communication, time management, negotiation, management, assertiveness, leadership, organization, presentation, research, audit, publication, writing CV and appearing in interview. In addition, acquiring knowledge in work ethics and legal matters are sometimes relevant. One needs to be assertive and continue with self development throughout life. A proper planning at an early stage of your career might save you lots of energy, time and money, and make your progress through the career relatively smooth.




“A Flower can only blossom in the right environment”

Dr Sudipta Paul (05.07.2013.)


Being positive, erect spine – mathematical and evolutionary evidence


There is evolutionary support in favour of an erect spine leading to success. An erect posture was adopted by the Humans as an evolutionary progress. Whether you want to maintain that or go back in the pre-historic time and adopt other postures as depicted in the following picture is up to you.



Copy vs Original

“Never ever copy anybody.

There is no photocopy in the World

that is better than or at least as good as the original.”

Dr Sudipta Paul (05.04.2010.)

Scientific evidence

The clone of a cell would produce another cell similar to the original cell. Similar copies would result from reproduction by binary fission and mitosis.  In contrast, a fertilised egg is the result of the amalgamation of different genetic materials in the sperm and egg nuclei, and is an original cell that is neither the copy of the father’s cells nor that of the mother. Creation of a unique cell through fertilisation has been the cornerstone of Human evolution, progress and achieving success. The philosophy in life is no exception.

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