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  • Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

42. UK Careers’ Update (15.09.2015.)

More than 80% of consultants have considered retiring early out of stress, survey finds

Comment: A severe Consultant crisis in the UK NHS is inevitable and imminent Read

“Over 80% of consultants have considered retiring early because of pressure at work, a survey has found. The Hospital Consultants and Specialists Association surveyed 817 consultants about stress at work. Of the 755 respondents who answered a question in the survey on early retirement, 81% said that work related stress had led them to consider retirement earlier than they had previously thought. In addition, 73% said that they had had sleepless nights thinking about work, 80% said that they had skipped breaks when working, and 80% said that they had worked more hours than they were contracted for. When consultants were asked whether their general health and wellbeing had been adversely affected by work related stress, 71% of the 752 who responded said that it had. Among the ailments respondents linked to their own work related stress were clinical depression, high blood pressure, and stomach ulcers, the association said…”

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43. UK Careers’ Update (22.09.2015.)

Overcoming the Overseas Doctors’ challenges ‘The Ultimate Career Guide for International Medical Graduates to Work in the UK’ A Book by Mr Sujan Sen


The growing need for doctors in the developed countries in recent years suggests that there is increasing opportunity for International Medical Graduates (IMG) to work in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and so on. In addition, IMG or overseas doctors have always shown their interest and worked successfully either to obtain better training in a specialized field or work permanently in those countries for better quality of life style. Statistics clearly show that a significant number of doctors in themajority of developed countries are from overseas. This phenomenon is becoming more and more evident because the world is now a smaller place to travel around than it used to be. ‘The Ultimate Career Guide for International Medical Graduates to Work in the UK’ gives an overview of geography, culture and economy of the UK, summary of health care services, registration with General Medical Council, immigration regulations, postgraduate medical training, PLAB examination, IELTS examination, sample interview questions & answers, psychometric tests questions and answers, important interview tips, job opportunities, frequently asked questions and a list of useful resources. I believe this book will go into future editions and I would like to hear from anyone who has more current information or suggestions for this book. I must include the usual disclaimer about not being held responsible for any error because reporting of the facts can be flawed. But, I have given my utmost effort to make the information up-to-date and correct at the time of publication. Moreover the increasing rate of inflation usually makes figures out of date rather quickly. This book would save overseas doctors an enormous amount of time searching for information on various topics on the internet or running after colleagues who might have the information. This book is a comprehensive collection of all necessary information, overseas doctors would need to work in the UK, in one place. I would be grateful if this book can guide the overseas doctors appropriately and help them achieve their dream of working in the UK. If you are aiming for working in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Middle East please send me an email and I will let you know when those books will be available as well. The aim of this book is to promote the UK Medical Training Initiative (MTI) so that a number of highly skilled overseas doctors can enter the UK for a maximum of 24 months to start with. This scheme would benefit them with high quality training and developments in the NHS services before returning back home. Another objective for writing this guide is to help NHS get increased medical workforce capacity and the skills & knowledge those IMGs bring along with them. I am grateful to the General Medical Council (GMC), British Medical Association (BMA), Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AOMRC), National Health Service (NHS), UK Border Agency, Department of Health and other agencies that have provided me with priceless advice, information and precious suggestions on several occasions. I have collected relevant information from their web sites and I have signposted links for the respective web sites for further information. My aim will be fulfilled if NHS benefit from increased skilled medical workforce capacity from overseas graduates and IMGs benefit from high-class specialist training in the NHS. I am highly grateful to a lot of International Medical Graduates, whose persistent inspiration and motivation helped me to write and complete the book.

Please share this with those doctors and medical students who would like to fulfil their dreams of working in the UK and on Kindle,…/dp/B0130VCD28/ref=sr_1_2… The Ultimate Career Guide For International Medical Graduates To… AMAZON.CO.UK

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44. UK Careers’ Update (30.09.2015.)

“NHS faces massive staff exodus with two-thirds of workers planning to quit

A new survey of more than 10,000 NHS employees reveals 65% are seriously considering leaving their jobs


Overwhelmed, undervalued: The UNISON report says two-thirds of NHS staff plan to quit

The NHS faces a mass “staff exodus” with two in three planning to quit, a shock report warns. As many as 65% of health workers are seriously considering leaving their jobs, according to a major study of more than 10,000 NHS staff published tonight.

More than 1.3million people work for the NHS in the UK.

The figures suggest hundreds of thousands of dedicated staff are considering quitting, which would represent the biggest crisis the health service has faced since its launch in 1948. This comes after three-quarters of UK hospitals have already been warned about dangerous staff shortages. The Care Quality Commission – the health regulator – recently found patient safety was being put at risk because of a lack of staff on wards. Four in five (82%) said their workload was now bigger than ever before, as were their stress levels (79%), and the number of patients they were caring for (62%), according to the report by union UNISON. Alarmingly, more than a third (36%) said that as a result, they believe the quality of care provided to patients has got worse – further putting patient safety at risk. Growing numbers have either already left or are on the brink of resigning because of a combination of low pay, staff shortages, and the changing nature of the NHS. UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis slammed the Government over its controversial £3billion reorganisation of the NHS which he said had allowed the health service to “implode”. He warned thousands of staff were now on the verge of exiting because of “chronic understaffing” and “mounting pressure” which had given them “no other option but to leave”…”

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