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  • Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

8. Please select the topic you would like to have advice on and send an e-mail to In the e-mail please summarise your achievements/qualities within 5 bullet points, your failures/weaknesses within 5 bullet points and some direction regarding how you would like to use the advice. Once confirmed by e-mail that advice could be provided at that time (depends on how busy it is), only then make payment (through PayPal) as indicated for the topics. Once the payment is received you would receive the response. The response time would be variable depending on the circumstances.

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These advises are provided with good faith. It is not guaranteed that the candidates would achieve their objectives with the advises. While every effort would be made to ensure the accuracy of the information, no responsibility for loss or injury whatsoever occasioned to any person acting or refraining from action as a result of advises/information provided can be accepted by the

Services and advises


► Guidance on career

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► How to achieve success

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Einstein Value


You don’t have to always run to win. Life is not a 100 meter sprint. It is a marathon with variable speeds as required. What is important is whether your direction towards the finishing line is right or not. It does not matter how fast a fast-bowler could bowl. He has to bowl in the right direction. Otherwise it would be a wide ball that does not count (worthless) and a penalty run is awarded to the opposition. It does not matter how fast a car is driven. Unless it is well controlled it would crash someday and end up in a garage/scrapyard. Millions of sperm try to reach the egg, but only few would move in the right direction and reach the egg. Only the best sperm crosses the finishing line and enters the egg (fertilisation). This is probably the best example of great success considering the fact that it has to compete with millions of other sperm and travel a long way overcoming so many obstacles. The sperm that fertilises the egg has all the characteristics to be successful such as physical and mental stamina, sense of direction, dedication, passion for its work, perseverance, strong will to complete its job etc. It’s a finisher. Paradoxically, it loses its own identity after being successful (fertilisation) but gets transformed in to a new form (fertilised egg –> embryo) with a potential for becoming immortal through the passage of its DNA to future generations. Let the people run amok like headless chickens if they wish to. Do things in the right direction at your own speed.

Dr Sudipta Paul (11.11.2012.)

10. The characteristics of successful people (24.11.2014.)

“1. They invest in a great cause and have the patience to see it through

2. They proactively invest in change and lead innovation

3. They focus on what is really important but also relax and enjoy the present moment

4. They get rid of clutter and abolish everything that does not add value

5. They believe that anything and anyone can be transformed

6. They build castles in the air and put foundation under them”

Dr Rekha Shetty, Ph.D


11. ► How to improve assertiveness

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12. Source vs Force (originally written in April 2010)

It is often said that source is mightier than force. It is true for people who are mentally weak and dependent on others to climb the ladder. But, no amount of ashes could suppress a “real fire”. There is no power in the World that could stop a cyclone. Could a candle give reference for the Sun that the Sun could provide light and heat to the Earth? Try to be like the Sun, the source itself with enormous force. Activate the “nuclear fusion” inside you, and start producing energy like the Sun. Then everybody else would be revolving around you like the planets do around the Sun. Be a real force, then nobody could stop you. Quote Vivekananda 1


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