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  • Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

Interesting and Toughest Interview Questions – InterQ (09.09.15.)

With the increasing competitions in the job market the employers are using interesting and difficult questions in the interviews to select the best candidate for the best job with the best pay and best professional future. For the candidates it is now imperative that they prepare their best and develop their skills to answer the ‘odd’ questions instantly. There is often no ‘correct’ answers to these ‘odd’ questions and the interviewers are only checking how the candidates respond instantly when put under pressure by exposing them to unknown and sometimes apparently absurd situations. The best candidates are selected as they are perceived to perform better when they face new and unusual problems at work, and improve the performance of the organisation. The questions included here could be used by the prospective interviewees and the interviewers. Their broader uses include competitive exams, quiz etc.

InterQ – Interesting and Toughest Interview Questions (10.09.2015.)

Examples InterQ1. Who was the US President just preceding Barack Obama’s present term?

InterQ5. Where does God live?

InterQ – 50 Questions with Answers

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