Best Astrological Tips: Palmistry – useful tips

Palmistry is the subject of reading palms. It is being practised in various countries for thousands of years. Its advantages include not requiring the birth details and it can readily be...

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Alert!!! Major geopolitical disturbance might be imminent

Updated on 23.11.2015. Published on 27.03.2013. Some sort of major geopolitical disturbance might be imminent. It could be political instability, terrorist attack, war, financial crisis,...

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Best Astrological Tips: Numerology: Basics – themedideas Facts & Figures

Updated on 30.10.2016. Numerology: Basics – themedideas Facts & Figures Budhaaditya   Numerology is a subject that associates certain characteristics to the numbers...

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Astrological Services – themedideas

     Astrological Services Various astrological services are provided for the benefit of people. The guidance provided might be used to enhance the outcome and/or to...

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Best Astrological Tips: Astrology – themedideas Facts & Figures

Astrology is a subject that predicts the probability of an event happening based on the ascendant and positions of planets at the time of birth. It is the luck factor and possibly the...

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