Catch 22

“Catch 22” – themedideas

  "Catch 22" This is mere reflection from observation of what is happening in the world. "Catch 22" Latest Update No 37 (20.12.2016.) A survey on suggestions to reduce 'black...

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Quotable Quotes: Quotabit – themedideas

Updated 12.03.2017. "The quotes/deeds of the famous people are not famous because these were related to somebody famous. On the contrary, those people are famous because of their useful...

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Ghost picture

Creative Art: Artabit – themedideas

This section includes all forms of creative arts. People could send their artistic creations like sketches, paintings, photographs, poetry, stories etc for publication to...

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Stretching exercises Lion

Best Jokes: Jokabit

Updated on 07.01.2017. This section includes interesting jokes collected from various sources. Jokes are an essential part of our lives as long as they do not cross the limit! These...

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Fiction: “Fetu” – The Fetus (Survival of the Fetus)

Updated on 31.10.2016. Socio-science fiction This is a fictional story about “Fetu" – The Fetus, his survival, experience of fetal life, and different social and cultural issues, how...

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Witabit cartoon

Best witty site: Witabit – themedideas

Updated on 02.01.2017. Witabit 100+ Witty Questions & Answers (could be used as tricky questions in the job interviews to select the smarter candidate) This is a section where...

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Rabindranath Tagore – The Greatest Visionary

Updated on 15.01.2017. 1. Democracy and Corruption in the light of Rabindranath Tagore and The scientific solution Generally I do not get "actively" involved in "political' or so...

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Events: Social and Religious – themedideas Facts & Figures

Quotabit 33. Clear Mind (13.09.2014.) "To be a successful human being A mind clear from the clouds of all prejudices in relation to  Race, religion, country, social class, literacy,...

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