Science, Religion, Mythology and Society – Relations and Connections

  Panchabhuta (Five Elements) in Hinduism and Science (23.10.2014.) According to Hinduism, life and the various species originated by the combination of planetary globes and...

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Human Cloning and Individuality – themedideas

 Human cloning might become practically feasible sometime in the distant future. It is no longer a thrilling wisdom of science fiction. The technique is available. The question is...

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The Origin of Gender: Adam & Eve – themedideas

Updated on 31.10.2016. So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them ... the sixth day. Genesis 1, New International...

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Female gendercide: “Shakti” the empowered female in Hinduism and its scientific relevance

Updated on 31.10.2016.   One of the main reasons for female gendercide is the concept of exclusive paternal lineage that is why people want to have sons. There is no scientific/genetic...

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