Medical News & Research Update: Medabit

  • Friday, December 30th, 2016

This page contains information on interesting medical news and research to keep the Doctors and other Health Professionals updated. It provides a collection of various latest health news and research publications that Doctors could check quickly to remain updated. They could use the latest developments in the field of Medicine to improve their clinical practices. Getting the information on one page would save a lot of time in browsing several websites to find these otherwise.

Medical News & Research Update: Medabit

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1. Endometrial Cancer Driver Mutations Detectable in Uterine Lavage Fluid (30/12/2016)

2. Early Surgery Increases Risk of Death for Some Patients With Uterine Cancer (30/12/2016)

3. New Test Could Detect Which Patients With Ovarian Cancer Are Responding to Treatment (30/12/2016)

4. Study Finds Striking Use of Double Mastectomy (30/12/2016)

5. Ribociclib Improves PFS in Women With Advanced Breast Cancer (30/12/2016)

6. Genetic Biomarker Identifies Patients at Risk for Anthracycline-Induced Congestive Heart Failure (30/12/2016)

7. ACOG Recommends Delayed Umbilical Cord Clamping for All Healthy Infants (30/12/2016)

8. FDA Warns of False Positive Results With ZIKV Detect Test (30/12/2016)

9. Smoking While Pregnant May Compromise Children’s Kidney Function (30/12/2016)

10. Study Links a History of AKI With Pre-Eclampsia, Adverse Fetal Outcomes (30/12/2016)

11. USPSTF Does Not Recommend Routine Screening for Genital Herpes (30/12/2016)

12. Pritelivir Provide Greater Virus Suppression Than Valacyclovir for Recurrent Genital Herpes (30/12/2016)

13. Zika-Linked Birth Defects More Extensive Than Previously Thought (30/12/2016)

14. Addition of MRI After 20-Week Scan Provides More Certainty in Diagnosing Foetal Brain Abnormalities (30/12/2016)

15. Strokes, MIs Are Rare for Women With Diabetes Who Use Hormonal Contraception (30/12/2016)

16. FDA Approves Rucaparib to Treat Advanced Ovarian Cancer (30/12/2016)

17. Long-Term Use of NSAIDs May Increase Cancer-Related Deaths for Certain Patients (30/12/2016)

18. High cholesterol ‘does not cause heart disease’ new research finds, so treating with statins a ‘waste of time’ (30/12/2016)

19. Percentage Obesity Among Physicians Of Different Specialties – Surgeons Tops The List (30/12/2016)

20. High Comorbidity Increases Risk of Death, Recurrence in Patients With Breast Cancer (30/12/2016)

21. FDA: Repeated, Lengthy Use of Anaesthetics May Affect Brain Development in Children (30/12/2016)

22. Sentinel Node Biopsy Guidelines Encourage ‘Less Is More’ Approach (30/12/2016)

23. Letrozole Is an Effective Adjuvant Treatment for Post-Menopausal Women Regardless of Weight (30/12/2016)

24. Eribulin/Pertuzumab Combo Useful for Treatment of Taxane-Resistant Advanced Breast Cancer (30/12/2016)

25. Mastectomy Not Always Needed in DCIS (30/12/2016)

26. Researchers ID Subtype of Triple Negative Breast Cancer That Responds Better to Chemotherapy (30/12/2016)

27. Neoadjuvant Chemo No Better Than Adjuvant Chemo in Non-Metastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer (30/12/2016)

28. Add-On Adjuvant Capecitabine Improves Outcomes in Triple Negative Breast Cancer (30/12/2016)

29. Study Reinforces That Mammography Detects Breast Cancers Earlier, Saves Lives (30/12/2016)

30. Tamoxifen Linked to Reduced Risk for Contralateral Breast Cancer (30/12/2016)

31. Ribociclib Plus Letrozole Improves PFS in Patients With Metastatic HR-Positive Breast Cancer (30/12/2016)

32. New Web-Based App May Help Doctors Predict Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence (30/12/2016)

33. Tool Boosts Accuracy in Assessing Breast Cancer Risk (30/12/2016)

34. Older Patients With Breast Cancer Less Likely to Benefit From Chemotherapy (30/12/2016)

35. Rates of Double Mastectomies Increasing, Procedure Not Linked With Lower Risk of Death (30/12/2016)

36. Study Examines Multigene Panel Testing for Hereditary Breast, Ovarian Cancer Risk Assessment (30/12/2016)

37. Researchers Find Genes Behind Aggressive Ovarian, Endometrial Cancers (30/12/2016)

38. Maintenance Therapy With Niraparib Offers Superior PFS in Recurrent Ovarian Cancer (30/12/2016)

39. Researchers Map Risk of Premature Menopause After Cancer Treatment (30/12/2016)

40. No Reproductive Safety Signal Raised by Immunosuppressant Use in Fathers (30/12/2016)

41. Increased Risk of Depression for Women Undergoing Fertility Treatment (30/12/2016)

42. Retrieving Eggs Earlier During IVF May Improve Success Rates for Older Women (30/12/2016)

43. In Vitro Fertilisation Using Frozen Oocytes Associated With Lower Live Birth Rates (30/12/2016)

44. CDC Issues Zika Special Travel Considerations for 11 Southeast Asian Countries (30/12/2016)

45. Follow-Up of 11 Infants With Zika Virus Identifies Neurological Impairments (30/12/2016)

46. Even Partial Steroid Treatment Can Benefit Extremely Preterm Infants (30/12/2016)

47. Fetal ECG Readings Offer No Advantage Over Heart Rate Monitoring During Labour (30/12/2016)

48. Unplanned Births Out of a Hospital Increases Risk of Infant Mortality (30/12/2016)

49. Mechanical Heart Valves Increase Risks During, After Pregnancy (30/12/2016)

50. Severe Headache in Pregnant Women: When to Worry (30/12/2016)


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