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  • Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Artabit No 3. “Khwaish” (“Desire”) (03.09.2014.)



“Be shak!

O anjan hai, isi liye nehi samjhte hai

Mittike banda asman ko chhuna chahte hai

Isi khwaish me rahte hai ke

Kabhi to asman se pari mitti par utregi

Lekin ye bhi saach hai ke

Samjhne ke liye jan pahechan bhi joruri hai”

Budhaaditya (08.03.2014.)

English translation “Desire”


He is unknown, therefore he doesn’t understand.

An earthy dwarf wants to touch the sky.

He lives with the desire that

Some day, the fairy would descend from the sky to the earth.

But its true that

To understand, you need to know each other.”

Budhaaditya (07.09.2014.)

Artabit No 4. (27.09.2014.)

1 026 Stormy Sun set in Wick, Highland, UK around 10 pm July 2014

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