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  • Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Artabit No 8. “Loke bole kori aami” (“People say I do it”) (23.10.2014.)



“Sakoli tomari ichchha

Ichhamoyee Tara tumi

Tomar karmo tumi karo Maa

Loke bole kori aami …

Aami ratha Tumi rathi

Jemon chalao temni chali”


“Everything is your wish

You are wishful Tara (Star)*

Mother, you do your work

People say I do it …

I am the chariot

You are the charioteer

I move as you let me”

*Tara (means star) is another name of the Hindu Goddess Kali.

Budhaaditya (23.10.2014.) Kali Puja


Artabit No 9. “Anek kedechhi kaditey pari naa” (“I have wept a lot, can’t weep more”) (23.10.2014.)



“Amar sadh na mitilo

Asha na purilo

Sakoli phuraye jay maa …

Prithibir keu bhalo to base naa

E Prithibi Bhalo basitey jaane naa

Jetha achhe sudhu bhalo basa basi

Setha jete pran chay maa …

Anek kedechhi kaditey pari naa…”


“My wish hasn’t been met

My hope hasn’t been fulfilled

Mother, everything has been ending… …

Nobody in the world loves

This world doesn’t know how to love

Where its only love, and love

My heart wishes to go there …

I have wept a lot, can’t weep more…”

Budhaaditya (23.10.2014.) Kali Puja


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