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  • Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Artabit No 10. Manna Dey Song (Bengali with English translation) on Research (search for the unknown)! (24.10.2014., Manna Dey’s Death anniversary; it was a co-incidence that this was written today without realising that it was his Death Anniversary before the initial publication)


Ami tar thikana rakhini (I haven’t kept her address)

Chhobio akini (Haven’t drawn a picture)

Kotha se Janina (don’t know where she is)

Mon tabu tari katha bole (The mind still talks about her)

Tari sathe patho chale (Walks with her) …

Tar chhaya to rakhini dhore (I haven’t captured her shadow)

Dhorar moto chhilo ki aar (Was it worth of capturing)

Dhudhu moner prantarey (In the empty desert of mind)

Tai aronnye parbatey (So in the jungle and mountain)

Onnyo moner jagatey (In a different world of mind)

Ami sei balakatay (I have, in that goose)

Bedhechhi prati paley (Tied my every moments)”

Budhaaditya (24.10.2014.)


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