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  • Friday, July 5th, 2013
Jokabit SJ3. General Practitioner (31.01.2014.)

A General Practitioner is one “who studies about all specialties and tries to learn everything in every field, eventually reaching a stage when he/she knows nothing about everything”

Jokabit SJ4. Boys beware of the dangers of unprotected data upload (11.02.2014.)
Unprotected data, of only 750 MB, uploaded by the boys might lead to up to 7.5 ZB of unwanted data download to the site uploaded over the next 9 months or so. Girls beware of unprotected download of similar volume of special data that might lead to the same problem with your “Lap Top”. This is due to the rapid proliferation of an ancient “virus” called “Fetu”. It has an uncanny ability to extract data from the host “Lap Top” and convert that in to a completely new data bank of its own. In the majority it does not stop till the full data conversion is complete. In about 15% cases it might abort the procedure prematurely due to corrupt files in itself or power failure.  If you want to avoid this unwanted viral intrusion always protect your  “Lap Top” (girls) and “Mobile apps” (boys) with established methods of anti-virus and “Trojan” protection during downloading and uploading data respectively. The other option is to refrain from any data transfer. In case you are infected accidentally you have to re-boot the “Lap Top” or consult a specialist who uses special anti-virus software to get rid of it. But that might leave some permanent corrupt files in your windows.
Approximately 750 MB of genetic information is transferred by one sperm. A term newborn baby contains approximately 1-5 trillion cells containing roughly 1.5-7.5 ZB (zettabyte, 1000bytes) of genetic information.

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