Best Jokes: Jokabit

  • Friday, July 5th, 2013
Jokabit HJ3. The Choice is yours (31.01.2014.)

Teacher: Suppose God comes here with a bag of “money” in one hand and a bag of “knowledge” in the other hand. Which bag would you take?

Student replies: I would take the bag of “money”.

Teacher: I would have taken the bag of “knowledge”.

Student: No wonder! One would take what he does not have!

Jokabit HJ4. Scot Free (19.09.2014.)

The whole world was eager to see whether Scotland would let the UK go ‘Scot free’ on the 18 September 2014 referendum for Scottish independence. The rest of the UK, however, did not want to go ‘Scot free’! The people living in Scotland eventually decided not to allow the UK go ‘Scot free’ (55% vs 45%)!

Jokabit HJ5. The Hungry Poor, the Politician (Hen) and the Public (Pig) (22.09.2014.)

Hen & Pig

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