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  • Friday, July 5th, 2013
Jokabit HJ6. Facebook Posts (18.10.2014.)

Dave has been posting on the Facebook for several months. He notices that none of his friends either likes or shares his posts. He decides to post in different groups expecting that other people would like or share his posts. After several months of posting in different groups the situation does not change. He decides to find out what the reason might be. So, he posts a question to the groups asking why nobody was either liking or sharing his posts? He got a reply “Because we don’t know you”. He commented in reply “You don’t like or share my posts because you don’t know me, and my friends don’t like or share my posts because they know me!”

Jokabit HJ7. Munnabhai, Circuit and Ebola (18.10.2014.)

Munnabhai and Circuit were watching TV. There was a breaking news on Ebola.

Circuit: “Bhai, bole to ye Ebola kya cheese hai?

Munnabhai: “Bole to, Ebola bahut bhayanak bimari hai. Ye hone se sabki bolti bandh ho ja te hai”.

Circuit: “Ari baap! Kya ye TV dekh ne se ho saakta hai?”

Munnabhai: “Saed! Maine suna hai ke computer me virus ghoos jate hai. To Ebola jaisi bhayanak virus ke liye TV to mamuli cheese hai!”

Circuit ke bolti bandh!

He quietly switched off the TV with the remote from a distance, and went to the bathroom to gargle and take a shower to clean himself.

Jokabit HJ8. A-Z of English literature in a nutshell (25.11.2014.)

This has been produced following years of research on the English literature.



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