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  • Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Updated on 15.01.2017.

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1. Democracy and Corruption in the light of Rabindranath Tagore

and The scientific solution

Generally I do not get “actively” involved in “political’ or so called “social” issues. That is not to say that I am not aware of them. Possibly I am too aware and concerned! But isn’t “A meaningful silence is always better than meaningless words”?


From my experience in life and the quotes of several famous people (frequently posted on the social networking sites) I have realised that the genotype is more important than the phenotype. Unless the edifice is sound the colour of the wall of the house is of insignificant value. A band-aid applied on a diabetic leg ulcer hides the wound from being seen but does not solve the core problem. Democracy Today’s democracy (worldwide) based on vote-bank politics is a game where you stay in power as long as you could befool the majority with unrealistic promises that are actually expected, wanted and believed by the majority! Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore has said in the song “Chokher alloy dekhechhilem” (seen in the light of the eye):

“Dharay jakhon dao na dhara

Hridoy takhon tomay bhara

Ekhon tomar apon alloy

Tomay chahi re”

(applicable to the situation before election)

Another relevant quote, applicable to the situation before election, from another Rabindrasangeet:

 “Amaro parano jaha chay

Tumi tai

Tumi tai go

Amaro parano jaha chay


Toma chharha

Ar e jagate

More keho nai

Kichhu nai go

Amaro parano jaha chay”

People playing with the emotions and lives of billions of people would get their due reward!

Another relevant quote from the song “Chokher alloy dekhechhilem” by Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore: 

“Tomay niye khelechhilem

Khelar gare-te

Khelar putul bhenge gachhe

Proloy jharhe-te”

And then the billions of common people would say 

“Thak tabe sei kebol khela

Hok na ekhon praner mela

Tarer bina bhanglo

Hridoy binay gahi-re”


To solve any problem (whether it is corruption or something else) the core reasons have to be identified and rectified. People generally comment on and criticize the people holding power for corruption, but the former do the same when they get to that position. Why? Because of greed that is embedded in the human nature. Corruption is almost everywhere, from top to bottom in the society, from North to South and East to West in the world. It is not only the rich and powerful, the poor and powerless are in the same boat. Everybody does it within their capacity, limitations and feasibility. The people in power did not fall from the sky or came from a different galaxy! They came from the same society where the other group (projecting themselves as non-corrupt) belongs to. People try to keep their homes clean first. They don’t try to clean the whole city or village. For sure, they could help keeping their cities or villages cleaner by not throwing garbage outside their home. If anybody wants to reduce corruption he/she needs to start with him/herself first (micro-management). If there is no corrupt individual then there would not be any corruption in the society. If you add billions of 0 (zero) corrupt individuals the sum will be 0 (zero) corrupt individuals (society). Then whoever holds power to rule would not be corrupt. This is the only solution. It is as simple as that to me. Do you think that is achievable? If you do, start with yourself first. If you do not agree then carry on driving your car in the roundabout without an exit. But the question would be why would you do that when you have accepted that what you are trying to achieve is not achievable?

Formula to achieve zero corruption in the society

Corruption In Individuals Present = CIIP

Number of Corrupt Individuals In the Society = NCIIS

Corruption In the Society = CIS

Number of Corrupt Individuals In the Society (NCIIS) = Corruption In Individuals Present (CIIP) X their Number

For example

Number of Corrupt Individuals In the Society (NCIIS) = CIIP X 1 Billion = 1 Billion

Number of Corrupt Individuals In the Society (NCIIS) = 0* X 1 Billion = 0

*CIIP = 0

Therefore, when Corruption In Individuals Present (CIIP) is zero Number of Corrupt Individuals In the Society (NCIIS) would be zero and Corruption In the Society (CIIS) would be zero. Unless and until CIIP is zero CIS cannot be zero. If anybody wants to make CIS zero the starting point would be to bring down the CIIP to zero first. Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore has said in the song “Chokher alloy dekhechhilem”: 

“Chokher alloy dekhechhilem

chokher bahire

Antar-e aj dekhbo

jakhon alok nahi-re”

It is time for introspection and self-repair. We usually scan the folders and files on the computer frequently to detect, repair, quarantine or remove damaged/corrupt files, viruses, adwires, malwires etc to keep the computer in a smooth-running condition. Do we scan ourselves frequently or ever at all to keep us clean? The ball is in your court!

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