Fiction: “Fetu” – The Fetus (Survival of the Fetus)

  • Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

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Socio-science fiction

This is a fictional story about “Fetu” – The Fetus, his survival, experience of fetal life, and different social and cultural issues, how the babies might see our world and feel about what we do etc. If it has any resemblance to anybody’s experience in life, that would be a mere co-incidence.


“Fetu” – The fetus

(Survival of the fetus)

Fetu, Tony and Emily

Fetu, Tony and Emily were lying on their cots in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. They were just 3 days old. Fetu had a tube passed through his mouth since birth that was just taken out today. He was very ill and could hardly look at Tony and Emily. Now that his mouth is free and he is feeling a bit better, he looks around.

He says “Hi Tony, Hi Emily! How are you doing? I had been watching you two but could not talk as my mouth was shut.”

Emily says “I am fine. Thank you. I am still bothered about the drip in my arm.”

Tony says “I am fine as well. Thank you. I am a bit worried when the Nurse would come and put the needle in my thigh. She is so cruel. She doesn’t realise how painful that is. I wish if I could kick her! My mom doesn’t say anything. Is she really my mom?”

Emily says “Why don’t you tell your father?”

Tony says “I did, but he hadn’t bothered to do anything. He is a useless chap”.

Emily says “Probably he didn’t understand what you had said. Haven’t you noticed they speak in a foreign language?”

Tony says “Yes that’s true. What language do they use? I haven’t heard that ever in my life! Have you?”

Emily says “I don’t remember”.

Fetu was listening to Emily and Tony’s conversation patiently. Now he breaks his silence and says “Yes I have heard it many times in my previous life”.

“Previous life!” Both Emily and Tony jump out of the bed.

“Yes, previous life! Fetu says with a deep sigh. “Don’t you remember your previous lives!” he exclaimed.

“No we don’t” say Emily and Tony. “Please tell us about it” they ask.

“That’s a long story” Fetu says with a deep sigh again. “Are you really interested to hear that?” he added.

“Yes yes, please tell us” say Emily and Tony.


Lonely Fetu

Fetu tells Emily and Tony. “It was long time back as far as I remember. When I opened my eyes I could hardly see anything, it was so dark. There was no light as there was no bulb or electricity. I was floating in water. What I could feel was a cord going from my belly button to somewhere that I could not see. I was hanging from it. It had a peculiar vibrating feeling. Eventually one day I started pulling it and discovered that it was going to the Moon, but the Moon did not have any light coming out of it.”

Tony asks “Why do you think it was the Moon?”

Fetu replies “Because it was round like the full Moon”.

Tony asks “How did you know it was the Moon not the Sun as both of them are round?”

Fetu replies “Because it was not hot like the Sun”

Emily asks “How do you know that the Sun is hot?”

Fetu replies “I know as I read it on the internet”…


To be continued

Dr Sudipta Paul

Originally written in 2010


© Dr Sudipta Paul,, 2013

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