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  • Saturday, December 7th, 2013

Quotabit 21. ‘Changing yourself’ vs ‘Changing the world’ (04.09.2014.)

Who changes him- or herself to fit in to the system

Is not a person fit to change the world” 

 Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 22. Copy vs Original (07.09.2014.)

“Never ever copy anybody.

There is no photocopy in the World

That is better than or at least as good as the original.”

The legal reason for not copying others is the ‘copyright’ Law. If you copy somebody else you would infringe the “copyright’!

Sudipta Paul


Scientific evidence The clone of a cell would produce another cell similar to the original cell. Similar copies would result from reproduction by binary fission and mitosis.  In contrast, a fertilised egg is the result of the amalgamation of different genetic materials in the sperm and egg nuclei, and is an original cell that is neither the copy of the father’s cells nor that of the mother. Creation of a unique cell through fertilisation has been the cornerstone of Human evolution, progress and achieving success. The philosophy in life is no exception.

Quotabit 23. ‘The value of honesty’ (07.09.2014.)

“To enjoy the value of honesty,

Be prepared to pay the price.

Nothing is free in this world” 

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 24. ‘Honesty’ (07.09.2014.)

“An honest person is one who accepts the fact that he/she is dishonest” 

Honesty is a relative thing like anything else in life. Nobody is absolutely (100%) honest. Some are more honest or honest most of the time relative to others and some are less. Like other demographic characteristics, if we take the average acceptable level of honesty in the society as the mean, the standard deviations 1, 2 and 3 would represent 68.27%, 95.45% and 99.73% of the level of honesty/population. Some would be more and some would be less honest in relation to the mean level of honesty.

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 25. ‘Dishonesty’ (07.09.2014.)

“A dishonest person is one who denies the fact that he/she is dishonest” 

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 26. The level of honesty

“The level of honesty of a person depends on his/her perception of

How much “Truth”  could be divulged to the society without being judged”

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 27. Measure of Success (07.09.2014.)

“The level of Success is generally expressed as

The distance between the base of the pyramid of society and

One’s position towards the top of the pyramid.

The greater the distance and

The greater the number of people below towards the base,

The greater the success.

As one climbs further towards the top,

The area and number of people around get lesser and lesser”

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 28. Democracy’ (13.09.2014.)

“Today’s democracy (worldwide) based on vote-bank politics is

A game where you stay in power as long as you could

Befool the majority with unrealistic promises

That are actually expected, wanted and believed by the majority!”

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 29. ‘Edifice’ vs ‘Decoration’ (13.09.2014.)

Unless the edifice of the house is sound, the colour of the wall is of insignificant value.” 

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 30. What the eyes cannot see doesn’t exist! (13.09.2014.)

A band-aid applied on a diabetic leg ulcer

Hides the wound from being seen

But does not solve the core problem.” 

Sudipta Paul


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