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  • Saturday, December 7th, 2013

Quotabit 31. ‘Lazy’ & ‘Crazy’ (13.09.2014.)

“Don’t be lazy

Your life won’t be crazy”

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 32. Modern Ratnakar/Valmiki Quote (13.09.2014.)

“He/she who does not share my pain

Would not share my gain” 

Sudipta Paul



Dasyu Ratnakar who kills the travelers for wealth for support and maintenance of his family. When suggested by Narad Muni to esquire his family members i.e. his father, mother, wife and children if they would receive some portions of his vice which he had done for their maintenance, Ratnakar is astonished by their replies. They all replied that it is his (Ratnakar’s) duty to maintain his family. They are not responsible for the method by which Ratnakar earned money. At that reply Ratnakar was deeply shocked, promised to shun all his means of vices and achieved sage-hood through deep penance.


Quotabit 33. Clear Mind (13.09.2014.)

“To be a successful human being

A mind clear from the clouds of all prejudices in relation to 

Race, religion, country, social class, literacy, gender, financial status, political belief etc

Is essential. Otherwise,

The mind would not be able to receive the “lights” from “Life”

To enlighten the soul

As the Earth fails to receive the Sunlight properly

If the atmosphere is unclear due to pollution, clouds or fog.” 

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 34. ‘God’ & ‘Go(o)d’ (14.09.2014.)

“Good is ‘Good’ as it is so close to ‘God’. You need to add only ‘O’ to ‘God’. Bad, on the other hand, is far away from God” 

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 35. Financial empire (14.09.2014.)

“The future financial empire could only be built

On the edifice of present investment

Made on the basis of past experience”

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 36. The Journey of Life 1 (14.09.2014.)

The journey of Life is like driving a car.

Check the Mirror (past experience),

Signal (present intention) and

Manoeuvre (make the move for the future)” 

Life is nothing but a journey from Birth to Death. The journey of Life is like driving a car on the road. The starting point commences at birth and ends in death. Therefore, the starting point and the destination are fixed. As it is for driving, there are different routes to reach the destination. These could be U, D, C, B or A roads or motorways (highways) in different combinations.

Sometimes, it would be a leisurely drive through a scenic route without the pressure of reaching the next milestone within a stipulated time. It would allow you to take some photo-stops to capture the frame for future. At other times, you might have to rush due to time constraints.

During some parts of your journey, you would enjoy the smooth fast drive on the motorway, reaching the milestones quickly. Not so infrequently, you would also encounter the traffic jam, red signals etc while going through a city, town or village. It would be frustrating, but that is a part and parcel of your journey as well. Reaching the milestones would take substantially longer, and occasionally you might feel that you would not reach there in time or ever at all.

You would also experience taking the wrong route or ending up in a cul de sac due to faulty planning, using an out of date map, SatNav malfunctions or driving errors (in fact there is no map or SatNav to guide about the future route in life)! Once you realise that you go back to your original route or modify the route.

You would drive on the winding hilly roads going up- and downhill. Make sure that you use a lower gear that would provide the power to climb the uphill road and control the speed while going downhill. Be careful about your speed and steering control. Part of your journey would be on the bumpy roads that you have to bear. You would have to take few rest stops at the services to get refreshed to be able to drive safely so that your journey does not end prematurely.

While driving you would be joined by other cars. On the motorway, they would join you from the left side in the UK, India and Malaysia, and from the right side in the USA and elsewhere. Keep an eye on the relevant side to check who has been joining you. The majority of the cars would either overtake you or fall behind. If you are lucky, only a handful of them might stay around you for a small part of your journey as they would be driving at your speed and vice versa. You might meet the other cars, that had either gone past you or fallen behind, later as they and you stop to take rest/fuel. Unless a car is towed to your car or vice versa, it is almost impossible that another car would be with you for a substantially longer part of your journey.

The licence to drive the car of life is obtained at birth and expires at death. How enjoyable would the journey be depends on how you and others drive the cars. As you cannot drive a car in a “straight line”, you have to manoeuvre the car of life through the traffic depending on the road conditions. Keep the car between the two lines of your lane. Driving in a “straight line” would end up in banging the car against other cars or immovable structures! Always keep a safe distance from other cars and wear seat belt to be safe and secure. Don’t drink/take drugs and drive. Use the hands free kit for the mobile to avoid distractions. Do regular MOT and servicing. Keep enough fuel (the right one) in the tank.

Whatever precautions you take, accidents are bound to happen as accidents are “accidental” and cannot be predicted. The same is true for car breakdown. Therefore, make sure that you have comprehensive insurance and breakdown cover!

Have a safe journey!

Warning from the police: Think carefully before you drive the car of life too fast violating the speed limit as you would be approaching your destination (death) faster!

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 37. Money (14.09.2014.)

“Money is honey!

Without money

Life is funny!”

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 38. Research (14.09.2014.)

“If a man will begin with certainties,

He shall end in doubts;

But if he will be content to begin with doubts,

He shall end in certainties.”

Francis Bacon


Francis Bacon

Lawyer, Scientist (1561–1626)
Francis Bacon was an English Renaissance statesman and philosopher, best known for his promotion of the scientific method.

Quotabit 39. “Gold Medalist” (20.09.2014.)

“If you get a Gold medal at any stage in your career

You would be a “Gold Medalist” throughout your life!”

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 40. Winning Gold, Silver, Bronze (20.09.2014.)

‘You do not win silver you lose gold’ 

Author unknown

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