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  • Saturday, December 7th, 2013

Quotabit 51. ‘Structure’ vs ‘Function’

“Gross structural defects cannot be fully compensated by exaggerated functions”

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 52. ‘Celebrity’

“The majority of the celebrities are illusionary figures created by the media for their mutual gain, whose ‘events’ are celebrated by people not related to him/her by blood or law (‘The Public’) by paying from their own pocket!”

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 53. ‘Weekend’

“What am I going to do over the weekend?

In fact, my week never ends!

Therefore, the weekend does not exist.”

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 54. ‘The Greatest War’

“The Greatest of all wars is the war with one’s own self. If somebody can win that war, he/she can conquer the whole Universe.” 

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 55. Success’ (09.10.2014.)

“To win, you don’t have to always run fast. Life is not a 100 meter sprint. It is a marathon with variable speed as required. What is important is whether your direction towards the finishing line is right or not.” 

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 56. “Mental Health Problems” – World Mental Health Day 2014 (10.10.2014.)

“Some of the people with mental health issues are like the highly talented footballer who dribbles all the players in the opposition including the goal-keeper but, instead of scoring a goal, crosses the goal-line outside the goal-post  and continues to dribble outside the pitch!”

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 57. “Negative 1” (11.10.2014.)

“I cannot see in the dark (can you?). I can see things only if light is reflected from them. Besides the presence of light it requires presence of the object as well. If the object does not exist I would not see it even in the presence of the brightest sunshine. In the same way I cannot see ‘negative’ as it does not exist. The only thing I can see is ‘positive’.”

As a matter of fact a person can physically have $10 currency note, but not -$10 currency note . A person can have 3 houses or children, but not -3 houses or children.

How do you prove it?

Step 1

Ask the person trying to deny that ‘negative’ does not exist to give you a currency note of a particular denomination such as $1.

Step 2

Say thank you and hold that currency note in your hand and show it to that person.

Step 3

Then ask that person to verify what it is. Silly question, isn’t it? The person, initially, would not say anything and would look at you with the expression of how stupid you were. But make that person verify it that he/she would eventually do by saying, for example $1. That’s it. Done! Give the currency note back to that person and say thank you. You are bound to get an expression of that he/she has never seen such a stupid thing wasting his/her time.

Step 4

Now the master stroke comes. Ask the person to give you a ‘negative’ currency note of a particular denomination such as -$1 (minus $1, negative).

Step 5

The expression on the face of the person would be worth watching. He/she would be stunned and speechless.

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 58. “Negative 2” (11.10.2014.)

“Outside mathematics, the concept of minus or “negative” is hypothetical.”

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 59. “Negative 3” (11.10.2014.)

“If, for the sake of debate, we were to accept the existence of ‘negative’ that would be the greatest ‘negative’ thought of all.”

We value people for their achievements, not for what they could not achieve. The possibilities of non-achievement are hypothetical and end-less. Nobody, in fact, knows what could have been achieved. On the other hand, the achievements are facts that have already happened and can be measured. A striker footballer is generally valued on the basis of the number of goals he has scored, not by the ones he has missed or could have scored. In the game of cricket, a batsman is generally valued on the basis of the number of runs he has scored, not by the ones he has failed to score or could have scored. Similarly, a bowler  is generally valued on the basis of the number of wickets he has taken, not by the ones he has failed to take or could have taken. In all areas of life the achievements (‘positives’) could actually be seen as these are actual facts. It might be worth not wasting time trying to ‘be positive’ based on the illusion of ‘negative’. Its all in the mind!

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 60. “Negative 4” (11.10.2014.)

“Whatever happens in life is just a part of life, neither ‘negative’ nor ‘positive’.”

Sudipta Paul


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