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  • Saturday, December 7th, 2013

Quotabit 61. “Negative 5” (11.10.2014.)

“When you are playing a football match you have 90 minutes (before extra time, if required) to show your worth as a player. Try to score as many goals as possible rather than thinking of how many goals you have missed.”

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 62. “The Primary Teacher – at the School Level” (13.10.2014.)

“The job of the Primary Teacher are to convert a raw lump of iron ore to stainless steel with the addition of carbon, chromium, manganese, nickel, molybdenum, boron, titanium, vanadium, niobium etc and to change the shape of the irregular lump in to a sharp and smooth stiletto.”

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 63. “The Secondary Teacher – at the Graduation Level” (13.10.2014.)

“The job of the Secondary Teacher are to enhance the sharpness of the stiletto by regularly sharpening it and to maintain the chromium content at the appropriate level so that the stainless steel does not convert in to ordinary steel and start rusting.”

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 64. “The Tertiary Teacher/Guide – at the Post-Graduation Level and beyond” (13.10.2014.)

“The jobs of the Tertiary Teacher/Guide are to clean and iron out the wrinkles in the stiletto cover.”

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 65. According to the following explanation (in the picture) the quote should be modified as “Behind every successful man there are plenty of women”. (14.10.2014.)

Sudipta Paul

Successful men


Quotabit 66. “Believing Blindly” (15.10.2014.)

“Do you walk blindly (with closed eyes)? If you do you would bang in to something soon for sure.  Do you eat with closed mouth? So why would you believe anything blindly (with closed mind and without thinking)? As the eyes are there to see and check the surroundings before moving, the brain is there to think before accepting anything as facts and acting on it.”

Sudipta Paul

Quotabit 67. “The Birth” – by the Gastroenterologist (15.10.2014.)

“The Birth is an event when the fetal parenteral feeding changes to neonatal enteral feeding.”

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 68. “The Birth” – by the Economist (15.10.2014.)

“The Birth is an event when the product is launched on the market”

Sudipta Paul

Quotabit 69. “The Birth” – by Hospital Management (15.10.2014.)

“The Birth is an event when the generalist fetus starts providing full specialist services as a  neonate with a new service as Respiratory Physician.” 

Sudipta Paul

Quotabit 70. “Clarity begins at home” (17.10.2014.)

Sudipta Paul


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