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  • Saturday, December 7th, 2013

Quotabit 71. “Learning” – “Self Directed Learning (SDL)” (17.10.2014.)

“Self Directed Learning (SDL) is the best way to learn. But when it is implemented in courses, a substantial time is wasted to “reinvent the wheels”, to find out what is already public knowledge.”

It would be useful if the students are guided by the teacher regarding the facts that are already known so that the students could build on that further through SDL. Otherwise, if the students are left alone to learn even the basic facts through SDL, they would spend the majority of the time to do that. What is the point in leaving people on their own to discover America again when it has already been discovered. The students should be provided with that knowledge so that they could spend time to discover planets and stars in the Universe through SDL. If we have built a ten storied house, our next generation should not start building another house from scratch. They should start building from the eleventh floor!”

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 72. “Must know your circle” (18.10.2014.)

“Make sure everybody in your boat is rowing  not drilling holes when you are not looking.”


Joseph Dinabandhu Das

Facebook, 18.10.2014.

Quotabit 73. “Past, Present & Future” (22.10.2014.)

“Past is not Past!

Past has made me what I am today.

Present is how people perceive me.

Future is a dream that has not even been dreamed of yet!”

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 74. “Humans and Mobile phones” (22.10.2014.)

“Humans are like Mobile phones. They are so similar to each other!


1. a) Humans are mobile.

    b) Mobile phones are “mobile”.

2. a) Humans can see with the eyes, capture image and store data (both image and text) in the brain. They can transfer data as well (with the tongue and writing).

    b) Mobile phones can take pictures and store data (both image and text). They can transfer data as well (with physical connection or “blue tooth”!).

3. a) We feel excited when we hear the news of pregnancy (new product coming on the market).

    b) We feel excited when we hear the news of new smart phone (e.g. iPhone) coming on the market.

4. a) The majority of the time the parents select name(s) for the baby in early part of pregnancy.

    b) The new smart phone (e.g. iPhone 6) is given a name well ahead of its arrival at the market.

5. a) We eagerly wait throughout the pregnancy for the arrival of the baby.

     b) We eagerly wait throughout the manufacturing period for the arrival of the new smart phone.

6. a) The birth of the baby is celebrated and everybody visits to have a glimpse of or cuddle the baby. The parents supposedly “feel proud” to have the baby .

    b) The launch of the new smart phone is celebrated and everybody stands in long queues to have a glimpse of or buy one. We “feel proud” to possess the new smart phone and “show off”.

7. a) The new baby gets disproportionately greater protection from trauma, loss etc. compared to other older ones.

     b) The new smart phone gets disproportionately greater protection from trauma, loss etc. compared to other older ones.

8. a) The new baby gets new clothes.

     b) The new smart phone gets new luxury cover.

9. a) The new baby gets immunisation against diseases.

     b) The new smart phone gets insurance cover against damage or loss.

10. a) The baby receives various new information to get ready for day to day function.

       b) The new smart phone gets new applications to enhance its function.

11. a) Humans need to recharge their batteries (taking food).

      b) The mobile phones needs recharging their batteries .

12. a) Humans, with advanced age, lose efficiency despite recharging.

       b) The mobile phones, with advanced age, lose efficiency despite recharging.

13. a) Humans, with advanced age, need to attend the doctors/hospital for various ailments.

      b) The mobile phones, with advanced age, need to be checked in the repair shop for various malfunctions.

14. a) Humans, with advanced age, may need surgery/organ replacement.

       b) The mobile phones, with advanced age, may need repair/change of parts.

15. a) Humans, with advanced age, become less sought after with younger ones receiving more attention and importance.

       b) The mobile phones, with advanced age, become less sought after with newer models receiving more attention and importance. .

16. a) Humans, after death, are disposed off through a safe standard operating procedure.

       b) The mobile phones, after “death” or serious malfunction, are disposed off through a safe standard operating procedure.

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 75. “Scientific knowledge” (23.10.2014.)

Accumulation of scientific knowledge is an eternal journey through the unknown. It would go on and on as it is open ended.”

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 76. “Deserving” (23.10.2014.)

“Do we deserve something that has to be bought with debt? Logically not”

This would be considered as controversial, especially in relation to buying property. This is a statement based on a particular Philosophy/Principle.

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 77. “The Greatest Wishful Thinking – praying to God for own benefit” (25.10.2014.)

“The Greatest Wishful Thinking is to expect that God would do your job if you prayed well. God has sent you to do your job, not to waste your and God’s time by asking Him to do that for you” 


When somebody prays to God to get something done, it would be annoying to him, at best he might smile and ignore it. If it is a frequent event, he would have told his cabinet “What non-sense! The inbox in my iPhone10 has been full with his messages and e-mails, and with almost hourly reminders. A worthless chap! I have sent him to the Earth to do few jobs and he has been asking me to do that for him. I have given him a place to stay (the Earth), air to breathe, water (plus soft and hard drinks) to drink, foods to eat, brain to think and store data, eyes to see, ears to hear, legs to move, hands to work, parents and relatives to rear him, schools and colleges to study, teachers to be taught, places of work (including multinational companies) to work and earn, businesses to do, cars to drive, computers and smartphones to do everything, Facebook and Twitter for social networking, exotic places to visit, sports and films to enjoy, and so many other things. I should have sent him to the Hell to clean the toilets rather than sending him to the Earth! (with a pause) I am not sure whether that would have been a good idea either. Then he would have asked me to go to the Hell and clean the toilets there. I don’t know what to do with this lazy ……. Probably I have to disable the satellite connection so that he cannot contact me. He would still be able to send messages and e-mails from his end, but that would be diverted elsewhere and lost in Space. Do you agree with me?” All the members in the cabinet would say ‘aye’ and the resolution would have been passed unanimously by voice vote”

Shaken! That’s the fact. If you employ somebody to do a job and that person starts asking you to do it for him, wouldn’t your response be similar? Just ask yourself. Would you be happy to do it for him? If you employ a house-maid/domestic help, and she starts asking you to do the cleaning etc, would you be very happy with her? If you are not, then God is no exception. A football match is being played. The footballers start looking frequently at the Chairman of the selection committee, who is sitting on the gallery, and ask to score goals for them. The Chairman would say “I have selected you …… people to play the match and score goals. I have organised for your practice, and appointed a coach and the training team. I have arranged for your payments and all other facilities. You have been sent to the football pitch to play the game, and to play it well. Its not my job to do it for you.” Does anybody disagree? Would anybody suggest that the Chairman would enter the pitch and do the job of the footballers? The evidence in favour of this concept is that no Chairman of the selection committee has ever scored the goal, it has always been scored by the footballers. Think about your own life, the things you wanted for yourself and had prayed to God for these to happen. Some of them had happened (not necessarily within the time frame you had wished for), some of them didn’t (you would probably agree if you are honest). Did a single thing, which you wanted and had happened, happen without you working on it? The answer is “No”. You had to work on it to make it happen because it was your job to do it. If you did not work on something and had only prayed to God, it had never happened. Check it yourself. Now the question is what do you pray for when you pray to God? Simple, pray for the whole world and “others”, not for yourself. Any prayer (application) to God, for tasks that should be done by you, would be summarily rejected by default! Mind you!

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 78. “The Rich are bad and evil” (27.10.2014.)

“I would be happy to see a single person in the whole world who does not want to be ‘richer’, not only in relation to monetary wealth, in respect of all sorts of wealth such as materialistic, spiritual etc etc.”

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 79. “Grapes are sour” 1 (27.10.2014.)

“Grapes taste sour when they have either been grown or possessed by somebody else and we cannot taste them. They taste sweet instantly when we can taste them.”

Sudipta Paul


Quotabit 80. “Grapes are sour” 2 (27.10.2014.)

“If the grapes taste sour, wait a bit longer and let them ripen. They would taste sweeter.”

Sudipta Paul


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