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  • Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Updated on 02.01.2017.

Witabit 100+ Witty Questions & Answers (could be used as tricky questions in the job interviews to select the smarter candidate)

slide12This is a section where witty and interesting questions, topics, quotes etc related to life would be posted. Fun without spending a penny!

One day, a destitute was sleeping under a tree. He kept all his belongings, wrapped in a piece of cloth, beside him. Molla Nasiruddin saw this man and hid the piece of cloth in a bush. When the man woke up he could not find his belongings. He became very upset and had frantically searched everywhere possible to find his belongings. After a long unsuccessful search, he gave it up, and sat on the grass, dejected with his head dropped between his knees. He had lost all his belongings, however small these were, that were what he had! Molla Nasiruddin was watching the whole fiasco from a distance hidden behind a tree. Now he silently kept the piece of cloth behind the man. After a while, the man stood up and was pleasantly surprised to see his belongings. He was so glad that he had started crying and thanked God for returning his belongings.

Moral of the story: The destitute did not have any joy in life. Molla Nasiruddin created a temporary phase of grief to eventually provide joy to the man without any material change in his life. Some people, however, might have reservation with this style. Following this style, the Witabit section would have questions and answers, the majority of which would not have any materialistic value as such. More often than not, they would appear stupid. The purpose is to have fun but without creating any initial grief in contrast to the style adopted by Molla Nasiruddin. While the questions and answers would be humorous and often hilarious, people need to use their wit and imagination together while thinking about the possible answers. This is meant to stimulate original thinking and creativity rather than blindly copying and pasting others’ work. People could send interesting questions, topics, quotes etc created by them only. If these appear interesting and conform to the aims of this section it might be posted here. Anything related to politics (unless non-specific) or political parties; directed against any individual, religion, gender, race, economic status, country, language etc are excluded from this section. People could write their comments in the comments section.

Witabit answers

WQ89. Which precious metal is associated with ageing? (15.09.20015.)


Silver (‘Ag’-eing) (15.09.20015.)

Witabit 100+ Witty Questions & Answers (could be used as tricky questions in the job interviews to select the smarter candidate)


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