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  • Sunday, February 9th, 2014

 Human cloning might become practically feasible sometime in the distant future. It is no longer a thrilling wisdom of science fiction. The technique is available. The question is whether it would be ethically and socially acceptable including the potential concerns that might be associated with cloning humans.

Compared to a natural embryo, which has a genome resulting from the mixture of six sources, a cloned genome would essentially have a single source. This would certainly rob off the unique characteristics a natural child possesses. Its short- and long-term effects, however, are unknown. 

Cloning research on human cells has the potential to revolutionise the treatment of several medical problems in the future. There are, however, some concerns about cloning a human. Even if it became feasible and safe (in relation to the health of the individual produced) in the future, the long-term effects of bypassing fertilisation, on evolution in particular, would be interesting. 



Methods of cloning

Possible roles of cloning

Concerns about cloning

Human Reproduction and Individuality

Cloning and Individuality




Human cloning might be on the verge of emerging as a feasible

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