Future of the Mankind

  • Saturday, August 13th, 2016

This page contains the possible future changes and developments in different aspects of the Mankind. These might appear to be stretching our imagination beyond its limits! Past is past, present is present and future, obviously, is future – so who knows? Some of the suggestions are based on the developments that have already been happening in research, but have not been implemented in day to day life as it is too early to do that. Others include novel ideas (copyright belongs to the author) that might appear too radical or hypothetical in the light of present knowledge. The topics include

Page 1. Human Reproduction

Page 2. Sex

Page 3. Smartphone would be ‘smarter’ and unique

Page 4. Education – Radical overhaul of the system 

© Dr Sudipta Paul, themedideas.com, 2016

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