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  • Saturday, August 13th, 2016

Updated on 28/12/2016

This page contains the possible future changes and developments in different aspects of the Mankind. These might appear to be stretching our imagination beyond its limits! Past is past, present is present and future, obviously, is future – so who knows? Some of the suggestions are based on the developments that have already been happening in research, but have not been implemented in day to day life as it is too early to do that. Others include novel ideas (copyright belongs to the author) that might appear too radical or hypothetical in the light of present knowledge. The topics include

* Human Reproduction

* Sex

* Smartphone would be ‘smarter’ and unique

Human Reproduction (13/08/2016)

* Artificial reproductive techniques might become the default method of reproduction in the majority replacing the natural process of conception. The trend shows that the use of artificial reproductive techniques has been increasing over the years. The reasons why it might replace the natural process of conception include the availability of these successful techniques, gamete banks, the changes in the society with increased sense of individual independence and intolerance to the side effects of being involved with another individual for reproduction. This is already evident in some individuals in the society.

* Pregnancy in transplanted uterus.

Its already done.

* Use of artificial gametes.

Its already being developed.

* Use of stem cells in women with premature menopause.

Its already being developed.

* Pregnancy in uterus maintained live in the laboratory by a combination of heart-lung and dialysis machine, artificial blood with addition of nutrients as required.

* Human cloning

The technique of cloning animals is already available.

Making babies without eggs may be possible, say scientists

Sex (13/08/2016)

* Increased use of doll/robot partners for sex.

It has started already. It is likely to increase due to the changes in the society with increased sense of individual independence and intolerance to the side effects of being involved with another individual.

Humans To Marry Robots By 2050? (27/12/2016)

Smartphone would be ‘smarter’ and unique (10/09/2016)

* The smartphone might become the only gadget that somebody would require in the future. It would have a unique code (plus individual biometric identity information e.g. thumb impression and irsi scanning)  that can be identified by any other smart phone (or computer) worldwide. All individual data would be stored in the web space backed up by supercomputers. There would be one single system worldwide. The functions, perhaps, would include

1. The proof of identity of the person (via the unique code) and acting like the passport. Even if somebody has more than one smartphone the unique code would be the same for all of them to prevent fraudulent activities. If somebody commits online fraud he or she will be immediately caught from the unique code. Therefore, nobody would be able to escape hacking somebody else’s smartphone.

2. The record of all the assets and liabilities of the person.

3. The bank account (plus debit/credit card) of the person to receive salaries or any payments, and pay bills or for any purchases (like the conventional bank account and cards). It would likely to be contactless in the shops once the pay option screen is activated. It is likely that the use of physical currencies and coins would be abolished. Taxes (likely to be a simplified lower flat rate tax based on the assets) would be automatically taken out from the account.

4. Translation facilities, both in writing and verbally, between any languages.

5. Projection facilities to watch movies or other programmes on the wall or a screen.

6. Self-charging battery that would charge itself during the use of the smartphone plus online charging method.

7. The knowledge base of the world would be accessible online. Perhaps the use of the smartphone in the exams would be allowed as the exam system would likely to be overhauled, and would be primarily based on analysis and research rather than gathering knowledge and vomiting it in the exam.

8. Medical advice based on symptoms, indirectly checking the concentration of chemicals in the blood (like the pulse oximeter) and medical imaging (if required).

N.B. The smartphone already includes functions such as phone, using internet, camera, music system, recorder, TV, playing video games, clock, alarm, calculator etc.



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