Hypothesis: Early confirmation of intrauterine pregnancy – Is colour Doppler useful?

  • Sunday, August 7th, 2016

Intrauterine pregnancy is usually diagnosed by a positive pregnancy test and demonstration of a gestational sac in the uterus. Though serum beta-hCG is detectable from 23rd day of gestation (9 days after ovulation) it merely suggests the presence of a pregnancy. An ultrasound scan is required to confirm the site of the pregnancy. The earliest an intrauterine gestational sac can be seen by a transvaginal scan is 4-5 weeks’ gestation (2-3 weeks embryo ). Sometimes, early pregnancy problems create confusions because of uncertainty about the site of the pregnancy, leading to further investigations and interventions. These often increase patient’s anxiety and the cost. With the advent of expectant and medical treatment of ectopic pregnancy, an early confirmation of the site of pregnancy has become more relevant. Colour Doppler has been used to investigate uteroplacental circulation in early pregnancy and early pregnancy problems. It might be worthwhile to investigate the potential of colour Doppler to locate the presence of vascular changes in the uterus that occurs very early in pregnancy. If it were successful, it may be very useful in managing early pregnancy problems. The hypothesis was originally conceived and the article was written by Dr Sudipta Paul  in 1998. The article is included here as it was written in 1998.

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